The Future of Fire Technology Is Here

Every day, hundreds of thousands of first responders put their lives on the line in the call of duty. But what if there was a better, safer way to fight fires? ATIRA Systems® has created a disruptive, 100% non-toxic, water enhancing fire-block gel that allows fire agencies to do more with less. STRONG WATER technology is an on-demand liquid solution that seamlessly integrates with existing equipment, trucks and aircraft to perform exponentially better than current, marginally effective, highly toxic flame retardants. Get out faster with zero exposure to toxic chemicals. We've got your back.


Class A Foams

They're ineffective
They're unhealthy for firefighters
They're expensive
And they're damaging to the environment

First and Second-Generation Gels

They require temperamental application systems
They require heavy, cumbersome systems
They're slippery
They're difficult to clean up
ATIRA® is changing the way fires are fought with STRONG WATER TECHNOLOGY, a Fire-Block Gel that:

KEEPS YOU SAFE, by eliminating flashover, rekindle and fall risk. It is not toxic to firefighters, unlike most fireground chemicals. STRONG WATER technology reduces structural collapse and the risk of steam burn by limiting the amount of water and associated weight load of water.

DOES THE JOB FASTER, by extending the value of water and reducing run-time, and by reducing direct exposure time.

SAVES YOU MONEY, thanks to a huge increase in efficiency, less water hauling, fewer injuries and less apparatus run-time.

PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT, by conserving water use, thereby limiting runoff, lowering toxic emissions, eliminating toxic chemical additions and reducing direct fire damage.

AND PROTECTS YOUR EQUIPMENT, with a non-corrosive, easy-to-clean formula that won't rust your trucks.


Features and Benefits

  • Exponentially more effective at class A suppression and protection
  • While 90% of water used in fire operations falls to the ground, STRONG WATER technology makes it "stick and stay," where it is most effective, significantly extending the value of plain water
  • It is deployed "on-demand" via common powered proportioning systems (FoamPro, Hale, Waterous, etc.)
  • Changes phase from gel to liquid under pressure, and back to gel when it relaxes, so it can be applied with typical hose and nozzle configurations
  • Wraps around vegetation and can be used in sensitive environmental areas
  • Clings to vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Can be used in structural suppression, with no backpack application process – viscosity can be changed readily at pump panel
  • Reduces/eliminates flashover, rekindle, and water load in structural I/A
  • Cleans up with water and is biodegradable
  • Less expensive than existing foams (given work factor differential)